Thank You

Thanks for your donation.  Generosity like yours it what makes the sun continue to shine, day after day, when it could easily pack it in and leave us in the (proverbial) lurch.  Please pretend that you received one of the following three messages in acknowledgement.

To Donate may seem silly, it may feel like a game, but rest assured that the charge to your account will be real, and that your money will go to fund some unspecified programs that will definitely make the world a better place, there is no doubt about that, I mean we could argue about it but why bother, you seem to be sold so let’s just take it as a given, all right?

The Founder thanks you mightily for your contribution.  Though it was not as large as the contributions of many many others, it does at least merit an acknowledgement.  All funds transferred to the Founder will be used for the good of The Cause, as defined in the broadest possible sense.  On that you may rely.

Or as Myles wrote it so much better:

Please do not make an exhibition of yourself by asking me what you get for your money.  You get nothing you can see or feel, not even a receipt.  But you do yourself the honour of participating in one of the most far-reaching experiments ever carried out in my literary work-shop.

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