24 August 2016

Almost Every Facebook Post You've Ever Seen in One Shot Here We Go

… and I never share these things but this one is hauntingly, almost terrifyingly on the money: I took the Who are you? quiz and I got me, holy hellcats I'm me, who writes these quizzes it's uncanny, spot on, anyway what I really want to talk about is the hot-button social issue of the moment and to state a somewhat contrarian but deeply felt bunch of baloney, guys I think we have to stop thinking the way that many of us seem to be thinking and think instead more like in the way I think regularly for me it's instinctive I don't even have to think about how I'm thinking about things I just think about them in a way that to me seems intuitively correct, anyway who has been watching Downtown Abbey SPOILER ALERT Mrs. Fiddlestix is my fave character, she reminds me of these pictures of my vacation here are six more empty beach shots in case the first twelve weren't enough and I don't know, sometimes I can't sleep is anyone else having trouble sleeping, of course not you've all been busy getting ready for the holidays so here's a video showing you how you can make a simple casserole out of almost anything in minutes and it's healthy and inexpensive to boot and also here's a song I used to like guys isn't it awesome I don't know, still can't sleep but check out this funny meme omg see how the cat is saying something unlike anything any cat might even think about let alone say out loud in that context it sounds like something my uncle would say after a few too many thought-provoking cocktails if you know what I mean – but – shit – forgot what I was talking about oh yeah, politics, guys can you believe what the politician said at the political rally, he or she should be voted out of office on the spot for such inappropriate rhetoric but I really don't want to get political on here so please copy and paste this to show your support (do NOT Share), if you don't know how hold your thumb down and tap on it twice or something, oh and happy birthday Travis Milksop ilu you are the best!


  1. Please send me your mailing address and I will send you a copy of the best book of the past 5 years. (Not mine, I swear.) Please message me on Twitter or FB or something and I'll get it along. Is Kokomo near Angola? I have people there.

  2. Hey now, this is the kind of comment we've been looking for all these years. Other commenters, please take note: all future comments should include offers of free stuff; or don't bother.


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