30 July 2016

191st Post Clip Show

In keeping with the long-honored showbiz tradition of using the 191st episode milestone to take the week off and run a bunch of old clips, perhaps tacking on a bit of new material and/or cameos from the celebs du jour (e.g. this post evokes both Bootsy Collins and Katie Couric, though neither was able to appear on your screen for contractual reasons), we shamelessly present a bunch of recycled crapola from years gone by. 

The reader may have noticed in the column at left a list of Popular Posts, 'popular' being a relative term here of course.  These are grabbed automatically by modern computer software based on the number of page views.  Among them more than a few are considered in-house to be throwaways, but they seem to get caught in particular searches (e.g. Occam’s Razor, Reflective Post).  The list itself becomes self-reinforcing: new listeners tend to click there first so they stay at the top, and the gulf between these and the 'middle class' of posts continues to widen.  But my vision is to fight for one hundred percent of the posts, and that’s why I’m asking for your vote here today, etc. etc.

In an episode from season two I was elected dictator and it was a gas.

The Spam Review is one of the better pieces of 'concept humor' on here, meaning there's an idea behind it and it's actually developed, kinda.

Dear heavens me, who can fail to recall the story of the Bananarama mishap that nearly wiped out humanity.  It was a tragedy of course but with time, and distance, we can laugh about it now, can't we?

In the category of satire, the American people admitted economic defeat in declaring that from now on, we will sing for our supper.  So true, innit?

The Founder remains mystified by, among other things, the lack of attention paid by the so-called samestream media to the Massive Layoff Stimulus Package and its effects on the (very) fabric of society (torn asunder, etc.).

Inserted here please find a brief clip from the beginning of Filed Under Random Nonsense, the bit about getting your horse high and then getting on your high horse.

A flash-forward to the future offered a glimpse of a conversation between the highly evolved humans of the year 2300.  The Future of Language, buddy: think about it.
A pop-in from Jimmy Foody answering your gastronomic questions was arguably the highlight of season three.  Did you know that if you don't have curry powder at hand, you can substitute a curry lotion?

And so many more, available now for a limited time -- until the sun swallows the earth -- at a special price including free delivery to your back loading dock and after sales service the likes of which the world has never seen.  But we only had to fill a half-hour with this, and here we are.

-The Founder