16 August 2015

Frozen Cheese: An Interlude

Frozen Cheese exists.

This is nothing short of a miracle.

No amount of carping will change it; no court dare overturn its fundamental logic.

The following three things can happen.

I can only tell you two of them.

But let's back up a minute.  My name is Ron, and I restore used furniture.  Yes, furniture made of frozen cheese, but more than that, cheese made from frozen furniture, as well as any number of variations on this engaging theme (e.g. freezes made from furniture cheese).  I'm here to share with you the magnificent story of frozen cheese, how it migrated o'er vast oceans and plains to reach these shores over several hundred years ago this month, whence it hales and whither it marcheth onward towardeth … 

But we're out of time right now.  Frankly speaking, we're out of our minds.

Please give generously.

Conclusion of interlude.  "We'll be right back."

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