16 July 2015

Why I'm Speaking Up About Whatever the Hot-Button Celebrity Scandal Issue of the Day (Is)

I will no longer be silenced.  So I'm speaking up.  Today I'm speaking up about the hot-button issue all of America – the whole world it seems – is talking about.

It's a controversial issue that no one is comfortable discussing openly in so-called polite society.  But talk about it we must, for only after I finish this blogpost can the healing begin.

When I first heard the news all I could do was be bewildered – and even that took every ounce of strength in my supple, five foot ten and one hundred seventy five-ish pound frame.

The question I kept coming back to was, Why?  Why had celebrity X been caught up in this scandal – and if he or she could do such a thing – or have such a thing done to them – weren't we all equally vulnerable?

Because – here comes the twist – I was a victim of behavior exactly similar to this.

That is why I can no longer be silenced, I will no longer be silenced and no one can stop me. From not being silenced, that is. No one can make me not bite my tongue out of fear of silence any longer. I will no longer be prohibited from unsilencing my once-bitten-twice-shy tongue.  I will no longer be cowed.  I will no longer be shamed.  I will speak out goddammit, is whatever I'm trying to say here, because the time for silence was all the time up until now when it is now officially time to no longer be silenced, from here on henceforth and forever, etc.

Okay, the time has come for me to speak up, I mean to really speak up, not just to declare in so many roundabout paragraphs my intention or my determination to speak up – well yes I mean no I mean that is exactly what I intend to do, to speak up about speakin up – so yes, to do that, but to do that and to go ahead and take it to the next step which is not only to talk about speaking up, or starting to speak up, but to actually speak up about something, to finally complete the thought by supplying the content, the meat of the thing, that is, by actually saying something and letting everyone know what the heck it is you’re talking about for crying out loud.


Feels great to get that off my chest.  Now fire away in the Comments section people, go ahead and give me the straight juice what you're thinking, I believe people have a right and even perhaps a duty to speak their minds on important issues like this, and if other people can't take it, including me, then so much the better, stimulating discussion of important issues is what we need as a society and there’s no getting around it.  The end.

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