30 March 2015

Poetry Corner: Ode to the Listicle


by Richard Grimes Honglebury

O Mighty Listicle
On my phone
Whisk me away
From this boring lobby

Feed me something new to think,
Define for me the age
Inspire me to post a link
Upon my Facebook page

Amuse for me my friends, o list
Tell them what I think
The zeitgeist fair
Be the perfect link

My pals will all click Like you see
And Share it on their Walls
My avi'll grace the wall of fame
In Twitter's hallowed halls

O mighty mighty listicle
Imparting facts statistical
Ideas wild and mystical
Lifehacks so logistical

Please bring your sweet release
Distract my addled mind
Make me chuckle, make me think
Free me from my grind

Now the time hath come o list
To click our final click
But first here's the
Ten Best Beaches a Schmuck Like You Will Never Set Foot On
Five Ways to Detach a Tick

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