13 December 2014

Some Big Action Superhero Reboots and Mashups We Can Get Behind

For those who need it spelled out: Two trends dominating modern tv/cinema are big superhero epics and nostalgic rehashes.  This then, etc. etc.

Batman vs. Samantha.  They meet when Darren's firm is doing some PR work for Bruce Wayne.  Samantha is drawn to this supermortal who instantly senses her otherworldly powers, plus he has a much nicer house.  Agnes Moorehead's villainous magic forces Sam to make the ultimate choice.  Meanwhile, Mr. Tate is bringing an important client to the Stevens' home for dinner.

The Andy Griffith Has a Good Old-Fashioned Clear-the-Air Sitdown Chat with Spiderman Episode.  I think if someone just talked to the boy a bit, someone who is on his side, that's all.  Meanwhile Dr. Bruce Banner tries to retire to Mayberry where he mostly blends in but occasionally grows so impatient with Floyd the Barber's small talk that the Hulk emerges.  Barney goes along with the mob baying to arrest / banish him but Andy is able talk some good old-fashioned reasonable to the thing, who ends up becoming the older brother Opie never had and they all end up going fishing together, Hulk learns to whistle, the end.

Cogswell sends a Terminator back to 1965 to assassinate Hanna-Barbera's mother and prevent the creation of George Jetson.

Batman's Happy Days.  Fonzie as Batman, Richie is Robin, Tom Boswell as Alfred, Mrs C is (inexplicably) Moneypenny, there's a plot to blow up Arnold's, maybe Joanie falls for the Riddler (because Richie's been getting all the attention) … you could run a mile with this one.

The Dark Knight Rehashed, in One Day at a Time: in this one Bonnie Franklin is actually Batman and MacKenzie Philips is Robin, Schneider is still Alfred of course, Valerie Bertinelli's probably stuck with Cat Woman, unless one of our readers has a better idea.

How about a James Bond / Maxwell Smart / Austin Powers mashup, where …  Oh.  Yeah.

Wolverine on the Prairie.  Dark times in Walnut Grove.

Eight Superheroes is Enough: The Movie. 

Hashtag The Petersons kind of updates the Partridge Family for the internet era as Bill and Daisy Peterson and their five children are all over YouTube Instagram Twitter plus they have a net series on Trombler and are filming a movie about their reality show where they adopt a hundred duck-sized horses.

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