24 April 2014

Sorry for the Lack of Posts Lately Again IV

Sorry I have not been very active around here lately, the following are some excuses I thought up while I was gone, to entertain you until I got back.

… I ran in the annual St. Elmo's Fire Marathon on TBS so I was in intensive training for that … I found an acoustic sweet spot in my bathroom and I've been in there most of the last three weeks making didgeridoo noises … Junior spit up all over my rare Aztec toaster collection … My pet cicada has vertigo and I took her to Buenos Aires for immersion therapy … For the last three weeks Boris Diaw and Kawhi Leonard have been crashing in my living room, man those guys can eat … I'm assistant coaching my son’s fantasy lingerie football team … Intervened briefly (and sadly, to little effect) in a horrific ethnic conflict in a faraway land I am not at liberty to identify … Got the shopping cart with the one bad wheel, seems like that happens every time, is it just me, I mean whoa-a-a-a … Put everything necessary for a fantastic dinner in the fridge but it froze solid into a brick and when I defrosted it the texture was all wrong, so I had to eat eggs again and just not that into blogging right now since the infestation … Trying to get back to eating right, I cut out all sweets and most sours, don't eat anything salty after hours and twice daily swallow a bitter pill … Old friend in town, cat's got my tongue, dog's wearing the cat’s pajamas and the rooster's in the doghouse playing poker with the Bassets til the chickens come home… My thesis is just not progressing the way I want it to, my advisor says that's OK it's normal to take sixteen years waffling over stupid details, even Shakespeare had his up and down days … Had Seattle added to my territory so spending extra hours connecting with distributors and store managers, socializing with key stakeholders, networking to build some solid pipelines, working hard on a detailed action plan to get us moving more units at the point of sale … Butterbean lost her first tooth and spit up all over her birthday party and came down with rickets and Little Billy's got the spastics again …

Well you get the idea, it's been a busy three weeks and then there was another busy two weeks and then one busy week right after another before a busy holiday after which things have just been so (you guessed it) busy.  You know how it is tryin to live your life to the fullest, eh folks?  I suppose I could go on and on, and on and on and on and I already have, but that would be boring and anyway I have an appointment with Destiny in half an hour.

We'll be right back, after these brief messages from you looking at other sites around the web.

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