27 February 2014

We Are All Individual Globules of the Great Human Biomass

[Note: The following is directed exclusively at human beings.  All spambots, web crawlers and other subhuman algorithms can piss off at this point.]

Come now my fellow humans, can't we all just get along?  Can't we focus on our commonality, work together in harmony to each pull our respective weight and dedicate our brief existences to making our tiny personal contribution to The Great Project? 

After all, we are all Human Biomass.

Sure we have our differences, the great tapestry of languages, customs, and arts, the diversity of twisted belief systems, driving habits, and weird shit they eat that runs free all across our great big global world (of today). But at the end of the day our differences cannot hold a candle to our anatomical and biochemical similarities, for though we may be unique in some small unimportant ways essentially we're all the same, indistinguishable at the chemical level, little more than individual globules of the great human biomass.

Life must really be some sort of miracle.  The universe was here first, then some galaxies it seems and then the sun, and the earth, and at some point this thing, this phenomenon we call "life" just kinda sprung out of nowhere as far as we can tell, and it grew, and spread, and now we're part of it, Homo sapiens as a species and each of us as individual human members of the human species we call humanity, here we are right here on earth (today) and – lest we forget – we are all composed entirely of chemical constituents of the great human biomass.

Why must there be wars, why would one agglomeration of sub-globules attack another and vice versa tit-for-tat-wise?  What is the point of any two human beings who are intimately linked as fellow members of the g.h.b. wasting their time and energy struggling to kill the life out of each other?  To kill another is to kill a part of oneself, to work against the spreading of humanity to all corners of the universe.  Attention, killers: when you kill another person, you are killing a part of the great human biomass of which you yourself are also a part.  So stop killing your own biomass, dude.  Get a nicer hobby, before it's too late.

An unpaid message from The Leadership, on behalf of The Great Project.

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