30 January 2014

A Few Words in Favor (and Not) of Stultification

Many blogs avoid the hard topics.  We do not.  This week, we face firmly in the eye one of the great issues of our age, the question of stultification.

First of all, I want to make it absolutely as crystal clear as possible that I am not in favor of stultification per se, for its own sake.  Only as necessary is my motto.  We can't go around just stultifying willy-nilly.  Does more harm than good.

The less stultification the better, I say.  Up to a point, that is.  We do need some.  What we really need, I dare to venture, is balance.

What do we mean when we talk about stultification?  Are we insane?  No, we mean exactly what the word means, no more and certainly no less.  On matters of first principle, there can be no compromise.

However, in certain contexts stultification makes all too much sense, indeed it seems the only sensible course, viz hyperactivity, overzealosity, misdirected violence...

What cannot be stultified by force can be stultified through punitive taxation or peer pressure.  We've got to change the culture.

It is pure folly to suggest that we can continue to forgo obviously necessary stultifications.  Not to come across as a rabid stultificationalist, but we as a nation and as a people cannot continue to keep kicking the stultification can down the road.

The Board is therefore throwing its support one hundred and thirty-five percent behind a massive stultification program.  Let's do this on the grand scale, get the whole thing done at once, take care of the whole problem for this generation and the next, one big giant massive wave of stultification covering everybody, no opt-out clauses this time, everyone and everything shall be stultified at the same time and that's that:  problem solved.

Stultification is everything.  It's not the only thing, but it could be.  In the aftermath, it's all we’ll remember anyway.

End stultification at its roots, now.  Just start to do it.  At least take a few preliminary steps.  Tiptoe tentatively in the general direction of stultification, today.  For the children.

Or something.


If you found the above essay on stultification overly stultifying, you are not alone.

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