17 May 2013

A Public Service Announcement from The Campaign for Todd Plantane

People who think we can have infinite growth and endlessly rising standards of living for ever-increasing numbers of people on a finite planet clearly have not thought the problem through.  Those who insist on the other hand that because it is unsustainable it must all suddenly collapse into complete chaos, and any day now, are also suffering from a form of wishful thinking.  

A large chunk of the population longs to march forward into a scio-technic future of endless convenience; meanwhile a significant minority pine for the simplicity and rugged independence of living arrangements that prevailed in and before the nineteenth century.

Perhaps both will take place at the same time.  While some continue to embrace every new wave of complexity, others will follow the call back to tilling the land and manning the sewing wheel.  Some will do both and many neither but in balance things may swing in many directions simultaneously.

If "both sides" are happy, I say that's a win-win future for everyone.  And that's what I'll be fighting for if you vote for me.

I'm Todd Plantane, I have an advanced degree in Decline Management, I'm running for elective office in your district, and this is my message to you-oo-oo: Don't worry about a thing, because every little thing, is gonna be all right*.

This message was paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Todd Plantane.

*The music of Bob Marley is evoked in this post without the express written consent of anybody, but we do support paying for his music, my family had an 8-track of that Live album as a kid and it was hugely influential.

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