13 March 2013

On Context (Which is Everything)

Context is Everything.  Without it we are nothing, like a fish out of context.

Context is critical and thus invaluable. But where can one go to purchase some?

The answer is nowhere.  Context must be created.  From scratch, as it were.

However, one person alone is inevitably insufficient to create the context, by definition no one can create an entire context because the complete context can not (ipso facto, por favor) be limited to the influence of a single individual, no matter how hip.  For example I invite you to my home, I put before you an elegant dinner based around my quite novel breaded steaklets, I've got a keg out back and Twisted Sister rockin in the basement, the whole kit and caboodle, I can go to great lengths to create a very particular context, but ultimately I cannot create the context because any context I create can only function as a sub-context within the broader context established by forces and events beyond my control, e.g. the weather, the Dow, the traffic situation, the alignment of the heavenly bodies and so forth. 

Context is therefore a collective construction, a subset of a larger construct called 'reality', to which humanity is one of many contributors, albeit with an increasing share at least as far as we are concerned.  That is to say, while Earth and its sun and moon provided the original context for humans, humanity increasingly provides its own context and indeed shapes the context for all life on this planet.

Excuse me, but these almonds are in the shell.  How do I shell almonds?  I mean is it like pistachios or do I need a special tool?  (Is it me or is this out of context?)

Meanwhile, back in context… our heroes The Ideas are rapidly developing a plan to foil the evil gang known as the Veils of Ignorance through the deployment of a series of straightforward arguments in support of the premise that context is all, it is the very oxygen we breathe, without it we cannot go on, we are the proverbial fish out of context.

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  1. For the record, as regards the question of shelling almonds, the pistachio model is indeed applicable, the almond shells being somewhat more brittle than their brethren the pistachio (shells)


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