06 November 2012

American People Saving Up for New Train Set

Or Not

We Want One of Those High-speed Ones That Goes Super Fast, A Pampered People Demands

The American People bounded out of their room around nine-thirty this morning and declared from the top of the stairs their desire for a new train set, hopefully one of the new super-fast ones like the Japanese or French People’s.

As of this writing, the People could not agree on whether the train should be silver, red, black, white, any of thirty-three other colors suggested or one of the innumerable combinations thereof, whose houses would have to be knocked down, who would get the cushy union jobs collecting the tickets, who grabs the contracts to build the damn thing and how to use the whole undertaking as an excuse to funnel public money to large corporate conglomerates whose operations are at best only marginally related to the new train's operation, how they would possibly save enough money to pay for it since they make seven-fifty an hour and their parents were making them pay their own cable now and they had kind of hoped to go to Cancun with the gang for Rickie's birthday, how many trains will run daily between Syracuse and Schenectady, and two other issues too embarrassing to be discussed in the mixed company that is inevitably present on the modern internet.

The American People then thought twice about it, decided that saving up would take way too long, and started printing money to give to the Middle Kingdom in exchange for assistance in building a new train set just like theirs.

We'll have more on The Infant Brain, as it develops.

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