21 April 2012

The Towers That Be

Great ideas can come at you anywhere, whether you're strolling through the bustling metropolis we call nature, or wandering lost in a forest of skyscrapers.  For this reason I carry (on my personTM) at all times a voice recorder into which mad ideas may be gushed like a babbling (stream or) brook(lyn) (bridge) (of consciousness) (over troubled water) (etc).  Every fifth moon I have the recordings transcribed, cherry-pick the best bits and release them for public consumption.  Ours being a consumer society, the public has so far shown itself all too willing to oblige.  Here's one now.

Proposal for what will be the world’s tallest building, once and for all.  Tired of having your new record-setting tower surpassed in height by egomaniac(al architect)s elsewhere?  Fret no more.  This new construction, The Towers That Be, not only surpasses all other previous buildings in height, but also possesses both the intelligence to sniff out any competing projects and the targeted munitions systems to swiftly reduce them to rubble.  Intelligent internet search algorithms and satellite surveillance uplinks ensure that any structure rising to within 100 meters in height of The Towers That Be is pinpointed and, at a time and season when casualties might be minimized, obliterated.  Obviously such a structure must itself possess an impenetrable defense capability, and this has been seen to in its design, with an elegant grand hall for holding the most magnificent receptions (and need I add, the gala-est balls) sitting atop a sophisticated command and control center where data from the billions of nanosensors permeating the surrounding 50 mile radius (the so-called ‘kill zone’) is continuously sent for real-time analysis.  Any perceived threat, however small or unlikely, is immediately met with overwhelming force.  Nasty and brutish to be sure, but anything but short: The Towers That Be shall lord it over all other manmade constructions for as long as trees grow, flowers bloom, and targeted munitions systems function.

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