24 June 2011

Legalize It

The time has come to legalize it.

No more fuzzy hand-wringing over the presumed tragic side effects.

Legalize it now.

The evils of prohibition far outweigh the evils of rampant abuse, even if such rampant abuse occasionally results in the destruction of families or hampers the spread of The Founder’s Message.

The tax revenue generated would be more than sufficient to cover the costs of cleaning up the inevitable messes (or, in the parlance of our times, negative externalities).

Other things are already legal which are far more harmful (e.g., frozen cheese, furniture polish, computer software, dentistry).

People have a god-given right to it, they are going to find some way to get it anyway, so why drive the whole thing underground?

Anything done in the privacy of one’s own boudoir that doesn’t wake the neighbors or cause long-term environmental damage should be legal.

Throwing these people into the penal system for their odd predilections is ruining too many young lives, and for what?

All of which is to say: Let it be resolved, that if two consenting adult humans want to double-team a panda, and the panda seems to be having a reasonably good time, why should that be against the law?

The answer, clearly, is that it should not. Be illegal, that is.

Legalize it. Now.

1 comment:

  1. I think you are right but just writing blog posts about it is never going to get us anywhere. We are going to have to band together and march out into the streets and FIGHT for our rights, that is the only way our cause will ever reach its ultimate destiny.


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