02 May 2011

The Story So Far

When Austerity Measures were implemented, and when the Massive Layoff Stimulus Package was passed, we were among the only reliable news sources covering these important social developments.

Months before DADT was finally repealed, we were the first to reveal the policy that replaced it: Hush, Don't Speak.

When a Bananarama Mishap nearly wiped out humanity we broke that story, which passed largely unnoticed by the docile, corporate-controlled mainstream media.

Political chicanery and age-old internecine conflicts (whatever that means) bubbled to the surface and left a sticky residue that scuppered the hopes for unificationalism in The Europe.

Global warming continued to accelerate well into the Fall, when it seems to have died down for another year, at least in the northern hemisphere. This was among the only blogs covering the Shave the Earth Bald plan, and also offered some handy hints how individuals on all sides of the debate can take immediate action to prevent global climate change warming (or not).

We skewered the spambots (someone had to!) in The Spam Review.

Day Savings Time has proven a huge success and has improved the quality of life for millions of lazy slobs across this great nation of yours, mine, and ours.

Okay, enough. The Proverbial Bejesus remains dedicated to providing news and commentary free to the public in the coming set of months. But if I'm not making six figures off this by the end of next summer then to hell with it, why bother right, I can always go back to stuffing cannolis or canaries or whatever.

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