04 April 2011

Number Verbed in Word String

Rambling Subtitle With Extraneous Verbiage too Lon

Oh and Cancer Cured

Some number of objects were subjected to some unspecified action of vaguely silly import. Um, in Khartoum last night. Fisticuffs on the scene were reprimanded, with key government witnesses wrapped up in cellophane and no contact with the doctors as of press time. Unsaid action is not expected to continue as sexy dolphins eat gruel, verbalizing the Marauders and calling it off ketchup until the final fricassee.

Oh yeah and in an unrelated development, cancer was cured yesterday as scientists working at the National Science Institute of Sciences discovered something that only kills the cancer and doesn't affect anything else, works instantly for everybody and no harmful side effects. So this is like a wonderful thing, another big check off the ol' to-do list for humanity, no more of this cancer crap, you just pop this little pill -- they're calling it 'Cancer-Be-Gone' -- and boom! Yer cured!

This is Derrick the Space Puppet, with the final fake news story, in Queensbridge.

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