10 February 2011

Wisdom Sciopolis

Since the first Wisdom Sciopolis portal building was established in the time of the Quakers, those not privy to the secret workings of this advanced society have speculated, like, What's going on in there?Wisdom Sciopolis is hosted by The Proverbial Bejesus. Whatever that means.

Wisdom Sciopolis is the modern realization of Plato's kingdom of philosophers. The portal buildings are just that, sophisticated gateways to a highly advanced subterranean society. It is not known how many wise and enlightened beings reside in what is reputedly quite a nice setup they have down there, deep in the middle of the Earth, harnessing free unlimited power from its timeless geologic processes, making as much gold as they require using the ancient arts of metallurgy, alchemy, necromancy, all that song and dance, then coming to the surface to sell same and enjoy the ocean beaches and mountain lakes, and of course all the excellent shopping and fine dining that the surface of the Earth has to offer.

Wisdom Sciopolis is a utopia, at least in the sense that there are no unreasonable laws, no unpredictable violence and none of the offensive disgusting behavior that is the hallmark of modern surface man.

In Wisdom Sciopolis, everything works as it should:
  • The trains always run on time; there are no planes or automobiles.
  • Up is whichever way you happen to be pointing at the time.
  • Outsized steaks are rarely consumed and never, ever, frozen.
  • Everyone works together for the good of the community, no one's slacking off but if you're feeling a bit under the weather you can stay home today, that's cool.
  • The shopping is not that great, but the consuming is out of this world.
  • No one is too rich or poor to buy a neighbor dinner, but no one is hungry enough to eat anyway, even though the food is awesome and there's always leftovers, they can never finish it all, here take a plate back up for your lunch tomorrow.
  • Doing what needs to be done comes first, but plenty of time is left over for music, philosophy, and spontaneous gaiety. Every third Saturday is homemade caramel day.
Applications to enter Wisdom Sciopolis may be submitted on Wednesdays between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m., and are processed on a revolving, "First enlightened, first served" basis.

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