13 January 2011

The Purpose

Some have inquired as to The Purpose of this ... whatever it is. A funny little question of no interest to most, but let's entertain it for a half-hour, for starters.

Please select from the following (men, you):

The purpose of this web-based entity is to earn a lot of money (or "revenue") for a large corporate conglomerate. If it fails to reach revenue targets for more than two consecutive quarters it will be shut down, and hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, good honest hardworking folks much like yourself but without the shin splints, will lose their jobs. Please give generously.

The purpose of this site is (hereby declared that it is) to provide an on-line forum for the exchange of ... whatever ... between ... certain uninterested parties ... de facto.

The purpose of this site is dedicated to the many unanswered questions surrounding nine one one. Especially the disturbing, generally ignored questions like: Who were those guys? and What the hell happened?

Later, the site was Founded as part of the latest federal stimulus plan to put millions of Americans back to work again while making an investment in a secure, energy-independent future for our children, rebuilding critical infrastructure while at the same time raising the level of discourse within the national conversation, stirring up the stew if you like, without butting in or saying something that might offend somebody, and without raising your taxes, to reinject an infusion of reinvigoration into that grandest of projects: the healing of our society, the reconstruction of the commons (as it were), the re-re-vindication of our national greatness, and, if we are half as blessed as we have to hope we must be, the triumph of the loftiest possible rhetoric.

Also, and most importantly, there are still many humans who are single, and it is hoped that this weblog can provide a comfortable and sufficiently seductive virtual space for them to meet, mingle, and start having sex together ... and maybe one day get married.

D. All of the above. The site has no purpose whatsoever. It has no goal, vision, or aim. Insofar as it came into existence it can be said to be functioning as a sounding board, allowing a select few to blow off some steam before they do any(thing) serious(ly) revolting. It could be shut down at any time and all of its readers rounded up for interrogation (or worse). We're not saying it's likely, we just think you should know the risks of reading any further, going in. It's a crazy [deleted] world we live in, man.

Your comments, though unlikely to appear here unedited, are welcome. They are read and given due consideration before I take out the best parts and pretend I wrote it myself. A word to the wise.

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