31 January 2011

The Nature of Humor

Are Jokes for Good or Evil?

Received a number of letters lately asking that we put something funny on here for a change. "For a change." How do you like that? Is dat a shot?

Rather than respond by actually writing something funny, which is not as easy as it looks, and in any case goes against the basic principles for which our forefathers fought and died in movies such as Saving Private Brian, instead we present another boring and pointless essay on the nature of humor.

Is dirt funny? Usually.

Is a tree funny? Seldom.

Is that piece of ham on your neck funny? Indubitably, and being stuck there by mayonnaise makes it doubly so.

Is funny a human right? Yes. No. Wait, maybe. I don't know. What's with all the questions, anyway?

I'll ask the questions here. Last one: What is the meaning of funny?
Funny does not mean anything. Funny is to chortle, or to be amused, or to see the humor in. Funny comes from the discontinuity between continents and incontinence. Banana peals of delight. A pox of laughter on your house. Wait, that's not funny. Wait what's funny again?

(Blather. Blintz. Retweet.)

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