05 December 2010

Blog Passes First Anniversary

The PBJ passed its first anniversary last night by observing a moment of silence, followed by four hundred and eleven moments of partying like there was no tomorrow, then there was a moment or two in the bathroom, then a pregnant pause and six moments for reflection, one of which was punctuated by a distant explosion, immediately followed by a shocking revelation and then a commercial break to generate the revenue a young blog needs to grow and thrive.

The blog, although it knows the exact instant it was created and is capable of calculating and recalculating its age several thousand times per second for all of eternity, seemed either unaware of or unaffected by the meaning of the anniversary occasion. A spokesman for the blog noted that although blogs can talk to you like a person, and sometimes dispense handy hints for collecting papier mache owls or restoring pre-Cambrian furniture, they are not actually human and instead seem to represent some sort of missing link between the human and the machine.

The spokesman then marked the occasion by dumping the Gatorade bucket over its head from behind, much to the chagrin of the blog, which was happy to get out of there with the win but would have preferred to celebrate by linking to some supermodel web sites over at Berlusconi's iPad.

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