11 November 2010

On the Lost Art of Blogging

It seems anachronous in this day and age to suggest that blogging is a lost art, but that's exactly what it has become: anachronistic.

If you wander around the internet a little these days you find row after row of abandoned blogs, uninhabited shells of what were at the time regarded as the future, but which now seem hopelessly en frusse. Indeed most bloggers stopped blogging a few years ago, dealing a crushing blow to the community of bloggers but not resulting in a mass abandonment of the blogosphere as feared. Instead, the best bloggers have moved their blogs behind impenetrable firewalls, or hired teams of ferocious Dobermans to ward off the constant spam attacks that seem to have become an inalienable part of the human blogging condition.

When one thinks back on the golden age of blogging, one cannot help but pontificate about how all the great blogs they had then were so much better than the stupid blogs we have now. True, the blog has been around for 25 years and the form has yet to produce an Emily Dickinson, a Mortimer Stokes or a St. Thomas of Aquinas of Marietta, Georgia. Still, there were some pretty good ones on there back in the day, blogs you could spend all afternoon curled up with and never once want to throw your shoe at the TV.

Sadly, however, the blogging arts have really fallen off a cliff since Facebase and Twitterer came along and basically ate (what little remained of) everyone's brain. We really have no one to blame but ourselves. Well and all the big dumb bloggers who shut down their stupid blogs and now just post half-formed inanities on whatever social network promises the most instant gratification these days. Is that all blogging has ever been, a way to show off how clever you are in some pathetic attempt to freeze pizza? Or a place to feather one's own nest and get in bed with sponsors for the sake of quick buck? Well if that is all a blog is then to hell with it, I wash my hands, face, and neck of the whole sordid business!

When you think about it, it's amazing that "blog" ever caught on as a word. I mean say it out loud a few times. Blog. Blog. It just sounds so made up, doesn’t it? Blog! LOL!

There is that long enough? I don't know anymore, how long does a blog post have to be these days? And damned if it ain't hard work, no wonder no one blogs anymore, they don't have time I bet. I mean this took me like twenty minutes, I'm sweating my jerry chandlers off and I haven't even said anything.

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