19 October 2010

The Europe: The Epilogue (Part I)

Part V of The Europe The Finale is right down the page, as a running theme it's being put to sleep, awful hard to let go and we're still a little broken up over it, the services were yesterday, many thanks to all those who sent flowers. Here's a little something from the ceremony:
The Ode or The Elegy if not The Eulogy for The Europe

Must The Europe

Like all great empires


The pillars crumbling

The foundation weakened

That pointy triangle thing at the top


The mighty weeds unpulled

Alas will there ever be a one The Europe?

For my children and theirs

The sons and daughters of the The Europeans

To bask in

As a united continent

Formerly comprised of many little nation-states

The One Europe

It has risen

And fallen

And like a fine souffle

It will rise again

The Europe


The Europe

Rising like a phoenix, etc.


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  1. Why did I not read about this in the mainstream media? Oh right, because it is incredibly lame.


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