13 May 2010

Reduce Defense Spending

The Proverbial Times supports a robust defense establishment, insofar as is necessary to maintain the security of our nation, while pointing out that all of our (real) defense needs could easily be met at 15% of the current expenditure.

Other countries should know that they better not come fucking with us. But at the same time, we don't need to go around fucking with other countries, do we? What's that about? We don't need whatever they got, we got plenty of our own we can get by on. I mean we're the United States of America, or Finland goddamnit or whatever country you're from, and the good lord gave it all to us. Everything. Just look around this country and tell me we don't have everything we need, right here. And then tell me what the hell we're doing half-way around the world trying to 'liberate' people. Again. Talking about how everything is a 'threat to our national security.' Sure, everything is a threat – when you’re greedy and paranoid.

Isn't it transparent enough? How does it continue to go on, while we insist on thinking of ourselves as a moral society, some kind of exception, the leader of the free world, god’s gift to humanity, one of the top five societies of all time.

Fiff and fiddlesticks!

The Times apologizes to its readers for getting worked up there, but sometimes it gets our proverbial goat. Seriously and for the love of god: have you read what goes on in this world?

Readers who have read what goes on in this world are invited to offer their insights, using the comment box below.


  1. As I long as the airport threat level stays ORANGE I'm content wearing my possibly explosive shoes and packing several tubes of 7.5oz airplane glue disguised as hair gel. I hope they don't check. I will continue to be the reason for the war and why the threat level will never return to off white. Catch me if you can but I keep planting clues on foreign people I brush up against in line. It was a hobby and now an addiction to merely frame the innocent but guilty looking people. I mean, c'mon shoes with no socks...obviously you're up to no good.

  2. Insufferable in DallasJune 4, 2010 at 11:38 PM

    Mr. McDowell's comment is typical of the kind of whimsical conspiracy-mongering now seething in the minds of so many members of the so-called big macular degeneration -- in any case, if we extrapolate from the previous methods used by our enemy, it is not difficult to predict that while the whole 9/11 thing was done with box-cutters the next big terrorist attack is likely to conducted mainly using the Allen wrench


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