26 January 2010

The Europe’an Renaissance II

In The Europe Part I we promised to report further as developments warrant.

Well, we got our warrant. Welcome to Renaissance The Europe.

The landscapers came and left, and the new The Europe is looking better than ever. The famous statue of Colonel Escobar that had become the symbol of this symbolic attempt to unite the many little nation-states of the old fragmented Europe into a new, unitary and unified United Unit of The Europe - or, to put it just a little more bluntly, and because it's catchier: The Europe – was toppled by an angry mob led by an unidentified rakish revolutionary who is rumored to be in love with Escobar's daughter Pamelina, though in the end it appeared he was mainly after the statue, for his garden or something. Despite his incendiary oration espousing the destruction of the forces of unity, the sincerity of his anger at The Europe was called into question when, once the statue had been toppled and carefully loaded into his prepared truck, he was oddly willing to negotiate, even on first principles. Something about the whole thing smelled funny, but it was hard to put a finger on it. Conspiracy theorists have pointed to his family's ties to certain industrial concerns who appear to have been working against the The Europe project from the beginning as evidence that the process was tainted and never really capable of producing a "Europe Avec Le," a single one and only wholly double-pan-unified with unity The Europe for all the The Europeans to enjoy and bask in, as one. One Europe, that is: The Europe.

We'll be right back.

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