22 December 2009

Whither The Europe?

The European experiment in pan-European Europificationism would appear to be over. After voters in The France and the The Netherlands voted against that new recent version of the treaty, "The Europe Union" one or whatever it was called, the dream of a united Europe, its many little nation-states Europeanly uniting to form a single United Countries of Europe, or just a little more simply, The Europe, stands in wrecked tatters.

The statue of Colonel Escobar, who officially unified The Europe under his iron heel at the Battle of the Treaty of Maastricht in 1989, overgrown by the tall weeds overrunning The Europe's the European headquarters in The Europe Towers in downtown The Europe (on the surface of The Earth).

Whither Noweth The Europe?
Where does the The Europe project go from here? It starts with some simple landscaping, to be sure. And a little unity too, the desire to unify, or some pan-unificationism, a little of that wouldn't hurt, by George - but then what? Where is this The Europe project leading us? Speculation is rife, and frankly, of little value. More will be reported on this matter as future developments warrant.


  1. The individual countries of former europe are insignificant, tiny little nation-like entities that barely stand to blow in the breeze as they are, but unite them together into a one United The Europe and look out, there could be trouble for the china or US or any other superpower trying to take over the world too quickly.

  2. As the great man once said, there is a fine line between clever and stupid. This blog, whatever it is trying to achieve, has crossed that line.


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